(Story 1) – Oct 22 – Eclectic Remarks

Hallucinogenic Brownies and the British Postal Service

 Created using images from:  Pixabay.com – JanosVirag.

A Postman accidentally ingests drugs
Taken from an article in www.chroniclelive.co.uk entitled: "Postman accidentally eats hash brownies"

Footage has come to light of a British Royal Mail postman from Clapham, London, struggling to walk on his delivery round because he apparently ‘ate some hash brownies by accident’. For clarity, hash brownies are chocolate fudge brownies that are laced with cannabis. The effects of cannabis are stronger when ingested rather than smoked.

How did he eat it by accident? Allegedly, staff had tried to deliver a parcel of brownies to an address that was discovered to be empty. Having stored them at the office for a month, they decided to give up on the owner coming to reclaim them, so they handed them out to staff.

Apparently, the postman in question had eaten four of them. He was a little worse for wear to say the least. When asked, a spokesperson for the Royal Mail reminded the public of the high standards they have and expectations of their staff. They also said that they were going to remind staff of the regulations they have for dealing with items that couldn’t be delivered or returned.

So, what do you think about the Brownies article?

Do you think people in the postal service should be able to keep unclaimed parcels for themselves? Why?
Do you think the story in the article is a serious issue? Why?

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