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Brownies, lab-grown meat, and introverts – Eclectic Remarks Oct 22

Should Mail delivery operators keep unclaimed parcels?
Will lab-grown meat catch on?
What effect does being an introvert have on mental health?

Give your opinion
Respond to the opinion of others

“Win” – Enrich your writing Oct 22

Win is interrogated by two agents about a missing suitcase.

Re-write the text to give the following impressions:
The agents are very inquisitive;
The agents and Win are very successful people;
The agents are successful, but this time with poetic language.

“The Effect of the Internet and downloading on the music industry” – Research Project Oct 22

What difference has the Internet made to the music industry?
Has it brought better music?
Has it brought better quality?

Build a clear picture of the subject with other students.

“The Perfect Couple” – Creative Clinic Oct 22

A woman talks about her husband's noisy coffee habits.

Rewrite the text in 5 different ways:
Change/Add Adverbs
Change/Add Adjectives

Boris Johnson and the Sue Gray report – Debate & Reason Oct 22

The British Prime Minister got in trouble when some members of his political party were caught at social gatherings during the Covid-19 pandemic, when the law at the time required minimal social contact.

Write an opinion
Respond to other opinions

“Windswept and interesting” – Restructure Oct 22

Taken from Billy Connolly's autobiography, he talks about his childhood.

Rewrite some excerpts.

Click on the speech bubble to rewrite the excerpt.
Rewrite the excerptx
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